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Super Shuga Pie

Super Shuga Pie


SUPER SHUGA PIEEEEE!!!!! This is when you become the most popular person wherever you go! Serves 12 to 15 happy people. Make people happy, bring a Super Shuga Pie to your next shindig!

  • Ordering information

    * When ordering more than one Flavor Super Shuga Pie, just click back to the order page and change info for new flavor. You'll notice its added onto the check out cart.





  • Allergy info:

    All products made in a facility that handles Soy, Eggs, Dairy, Wheat, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Coconut

  • Vegan info

    All Vegan Shuga Pies contain no animal products

    Any regular flavors that are chosen to be made vegan, will be made with vegan ingredients (i.e. peanut butter cup flavor would use vegan peanut butter cups)

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