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Ye ole Shuga Pie Shop

Yes, welcome to Long Island... Now get outta here. Ha ha, now if you live on Long Island you probably giggled at that. We all collectively seem to have a weird sense of humor - or maybe we all seem collectively weird? Well you might have noticed that we don't live in a place, we live on a place and yes we all have an accent that pretty much lets everyone else in the world know where we're from before we ever have to tell them and yes we all shuck clams, fish with our hands and wrastle whales off shore while simultaneously listening to Billy Joel. The first few aren't deal breakers but the last is mandatory. Funny enough the map above shows the actual frigate we ship our goods in. Now here on Long Island we definitely do not agree with everybody on everything and frankly sometimes we even disagree with ourselves, but there is at least one thing everyone knows and we can all get behind...we all absolutely love us some Shuga Pies. So take it from some people who live on a giant fish and have there own language- Shuga Pies... You'll freakin love em!!!

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